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Performing Identities


The exhibition title Performing Identities embraces that artists who work with self-representation in the digital realm perform for their camera, or their image creation tools, to generate digital versions of themselves. They stand in the tradition of Performance Art of the 1960s and 1970s, when artists explored the conditions of new media in relation to their own bodies and selves and began to use their appearance to perform other identities instead of representing their own self. Learn more at performingidentities.net.

Artist, Joan Truckenbrod, art exhibition at The Whitney Museum of American Art Exhibition.

From Digital to Analogue; Summer Works on Paper

Group Exhibition, RCM Galerie, Paris, France


Video Sculpture

An essential aspect of my artwork is making things by hand, integrating hand construction with the electronic imagery of video.

I shoot all of my own video, recording experiences as I travel. The video sequences usually inspire an integration with a structural form, either an object already existing or a sculptural form that I create.

The juxtaposition of the form and the visual imagery transforms them into a new experience.