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The flow of Woven Light

Hand Digitally-Assisted Weavings

Aug. 14 - Sept. 19, 2020

Benton County Historical
Museum Art Gallery
1101 Main Street, Philomath, OR
Gallery Hours:
Wednesdays - Saturdays
10 am - 4:30 pm

Inspired by visible and invisible traces of light waves, this exhibition pairs my early coded algorithmic drawings with my current digital weaving embodying the ephemeral trajectories of light. As particles of light move through nature, shadowing and reflecting off of surfaces, and distorting as they undulate through moving water.

For more information, contact joan@joantruckenbrod.com


Video Sculpture

An essential aspect of my artwork is making things by hand, integrating hand construction with the electronic imagery of video.

I shoot all of my own video, recording experiences as I travel. The video sequences usually inspire an integration with a structural form, either an object already existing or a sculptural form that I create.

The juxtaposition of the form and the visual imagery transforms them into a new experience.