• Artist, Joan Truckenbrod

    Digital Weaving


Hoffman Center for the Arts

Oct 5-28, 2023

Joan Truckenbrod is a digital artist exploring the intersection of the digital realm with textiles to examine contemporary social issues. Currently she is creating hand digital Jacquard weavings using a TC2 loom. She also works with various forms of printmaking. Her artwork is exhibited internationally. Learn more

Colliding Images of the Self: Digital Representations in Textiles

October 24 - 28, 2023

The exhibit includes images that have been translated into weavings using a hand digital Jacquard TC2 loom and a series of juxtaposed abstracted facial images printed on bridal satin using Kwik Print, a light sensitive emulsion.
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Video Sculpture

An essential aspect of my artwork is making things by hand, integrating hand construction with the electronic imagery of video.

I shoot all of my own video, recording experiences as I travel. The video sequences usually inspire an integration with a structural form, either an object already existing or a sculptural form that I create.

The juxtaposition of the form and the visual imagery transforms them into a new experience.