Joan Truckenbrod

Igloo to Nano

joan truckenbrod video sculpture


video sculpture

Featuring her latest 2015 - 2016 exhibit Igloo to Nano.

2015 Oregon Media Arts Fellowship Announced:

Program Supports Outstanding Oregon Moving Image Artists

The Northwest Film Center and the Oregon Arts Commission are pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Oregon Media Arts Fellowship: Michael Turner and Joan Truckenbrod.

Corvallis video artist, Truckenbrod, creates video sculptural installations in which the narrative of video projection intervenes in the cultural meaning of an object. The project outlined in her application, titled SEARCHING ESTUARINE SPACES, involves recording the fluctuating state of estuaries around Oregon and creating physical structures to be projected upon.

Joan Truckenbrod

About the Artist

An essential aspect of my artwork is making things by hand, integrating hand construction with the electronic imagery of video.

I shoot all of my own video, recording experiences as I travel. The video sequences usually inspire an integration with a structural form, either an object already existing or a sculptural form that I create.

The juxtaposition of the form and the visual imagery transforms them into a new experience.

Her book, The Paradoxical Object: Video Film Sculpture, explores the idea that video sculpture creates unique time-based objects with their own behaviors, stories and sound. Available at